‘I have been actively practising Yoga for over fifteen years but it was not until I began Yin Yoga classes that I experienced the results that I had been seeking. The deep stretches have had a profoundly positive effect not only on my body, but also my mind. Yin Yoga is a wonderful physical practice and a powerful mental practice. Dhanashri is naturally intuitive in sensing the needs of her students, bringing them deeper into themselves than they may have sensed they were able to delve’
Shawna...Lennox Head
‘The Yin Yoga classes run by Dhanashri are like a moving meditation. I love the challenges involved in stretching my physical body and the mental challenge of staying with and deepening the stretch. I always leave the class feeling invigorated and calm. I have practised many different types of Yoga over the years, but Yin Yoga is, for me, a total mind/body experience’
‘For years my ‘rusted-on’ lower spine with it’s accompanying discomfort, and sometimes debilitating pain, has been the bane of my life. However, after a few short months of Yoga, I have achieved a flexibility that leaves me gobsmacked. Peter’s teaching methods are sprinkled with flashes of humour, and are informative, with many options for beginners. I would recommend Peter’s classes be included in any exercise regime’
Jane...Lennox Head
‘Peter has inspired me to believe that at my age I am still capable of achieving and pushing myself to better health and fitness’
Leonie...Pt Noarlunga
‘My personal Assisted Yin session was amazing. It was like an osteopathic treatment and massage combined. I have never experienced relaxation quite like this before’
Eloise...Lennox Head
‘Yin Yoga with Dhanashri has been a real changing moment in my life. With three small children, running a business and a household I don’t often take time out for myself. Yin Yoga has done wonders for my physical health but more importantly for my mental health, allowing some calmness back into my life. Dhanashri is a wonderfully wise teacher with a lot of experience. I highly recommend getting to one of her classes’