Pranava Yoga - IFS and Meditation

Coming Home
Through Openhearted Awareness, Transformation & Healing

At some time most of us will experience feelings of dissatisfaction or a lack of meaning and fulfilment in our lives.  Other times we can be faced with strong internal conflict regarding a decision that really needs to made and we find ourselves being pulled in different directions.  Situations in our lives can trigger feelings of inadequacy, futility, emptiness, anger, hurt or boredom, to name just a few.  In these personal sessions Dhanashri uses the Internal Family Systems Therapy model (IFS) and meditation, helping you to connect to a new way of living from your authentic Self, your innate wisdom and intuition.  Often we feel that when we change ourselves our lives will be better.  The clarity, confidence and joy we seek is there, it’s just beneath the clutter.

Internal Family Systems is an evidence based, powerful pathway for healing and personal growth.  Richard Schwartz developed IFS Therapy in the 1980’s. The model offers permanent healing of emotional wounds through deepening connections to what is referred to as Self.  Being more fully present and separating from our thoughts and feelings allows more Self energy to be with us in our daily lives.

‘Accessing Self, and welcoming all our inner parts, is the ultimate medicine.’  Richard Schwartz

The term ‘parts’ is used in IFS to describe the relationships that we have with the many different inner voices, thought patterns and emotions.  These patterns then become our way of viewing ourselves, which is only a tiny part of what of is truly available to us.  Specific steps are offered to give more control over our impulsive or automatic reactions.

Dhanashri accompanies clients to a state of deep mindfulness and inner calm.  With decades of meditation, Yoga and body work experience, Dhanashri offers a patient calmness and presence with her guidance during these individualised session.

Sessions are for 75mins, using video on your computer.   There is flexibility with days and times available.

A beautiful new room will be available in the Ballina area, early 2019.

Please contact Dhanashri if you would like to discuss further

0417 785 919