Find the love you seek by first finding the love within yourself.
Learn to rest in that place within you. That is your true home.
...Ravi Shankar


Chakra is the Sanskrit word for wheel, and these ‘wheels’ can be thought of as spinning vortexes of energy. Ancient traditions describe the Chakras as being associated with our particular bodily organs and their functions, as well as specific life issues, and depending on the balance of energy in these centres, the ways in which we either react or respond to particular life challenges. In this seven week module, we will explore the seven major chakras, one each week, aiming to refine and deepen our Yoga practice encouraging more balance with our mind/body connections and overall health. You will be introduced to various Pranayama techniques, Mudras, Mantras, Visualisations and Asana, all relevant to each of the individual chakras.
Suitable for students with a recent, regular practice of Yoga.
Fee ~ $ 110
Payment in full is required at time of booking
Please contact for banking details

Northlakes Community Centre
Whiting Way, Ballina
7 Week Module ~ Thursday’s 6 – 7pm
1/2/18 – 15/3/18

Payment required in full by 25th January
Bookings close 25th January
Full Refund if cancelled by 22/1/18 ( minus 10% Admin Fee )
No Refunds after 22nd January